Are the Roses from AmiraRose® real flowers?

Yes! All of our roses are real, natural roses. We only select our roses exclusively from our farms in Ecuador.

Do the roses from AmiraRose® really last a Year?

We all love to receive a bouquet of roses from our loved-ones. However, store-bought roses generally last one week before they start to wilt and have to be thrown away. Our roses have undertaken a conservation process to keep their beauty, strong and colorful petals, newness and freshness. Through this process, the roses will a year or more with proper care.

Can I take one or more roses out of the arrangement?

No. In order for the arrangements to have an optimal appearance, we recommend not to take the roses out of the arrangements. They look gorgeous inside of their arrangement and meant to stay inside.

Do AmiraRose® deliver?

Yes! We offer delivery of all of our beautiful arrangements. Whether you are interested in sending an AmiraRose® arrangement as a wedding gift, a birthday gift, a graduation gift, or simply because you are thinking about someone. 

Where do AmiraRose® deliver?

We deliver all around Malta and we can arrange deliveries to Gozo at an extra cost. We look forward to expanding to other EU countries in the coming future.

Can I schedule an AmiraRose® delivery for a specific date?

Yes! You can choose the exact date you wish your arrangement to be delivered during the checkout process. The specific time of delivery depends on the courier's availability and the area that he might be in. We will try our best to deliver at the specific time.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, our AmiraRose® arrangements are not eligible for returns. Kindly note that your order cannot be cancelled or modify in any way once the order has been placed.

Our main priority is that you or any recipient falls in love with our gorgeous arrangements.